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MSc course - Advanced Microeconomics I - Anti-cyclical tutorial in SoSe 23

Tutorial informations:

  • Start: Monday May 8th
  • Day/Time: Mondays, 14h15-15h45
  • Location: Rempartstr 16, 2.OG, room 02 012
  • Tutor: Yunfeng Jiang


ILIAS onformations (including Forum to communicate with the tutor):

Math Preparation Course for M. Sc. Economics Program and Master students

The Math Preparation Course is available for new students from the M. Sc. Economics Program. All Master students can participate in this course.

This course is free for all students, even if you are in a higher semester. If you want to join this course please register here:

You can find the schedule of the course at the overview of the orientation activities:

Online students will have access to the video recordings. There will be online review sessions for each topic in case the instructors receive a sufficient number of questions in advance. The instructors will give you more information on this once you register for the course.

Launch Website

18 December 2021


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