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Job und Karriere



The Career Services of the Service Center Studium offer comprehensive counseling and information services for students and graduates of the University of Freiburg. They are your personal contacts for advice on a wide range of questions concerning internships and career entry.

The Career Services department of the Service Center Studium is the first point of contact for advice and information on all aspects of internships, career opportunities, career entry and applications. The services of Career Services include:

Internships at home and abroad: including orientation on suitable internships, information on financing and remuneration, internship search and application, formal aspects, country-specific aspects for international internships, application portfolio check

Career counseling: including career-related information on academic professions, occupations and fields of activity, the job market and career prospects for academics, tips on important sources of information, transition from study to work, development of an individual career entry strategy, support in preparing a speculative application

Advice on starting a career in another European country

Job placement: individual job placement for university graduates

Media library: literature on job applications, occupational fields, internships and career planning, information brochures and magazines on the job market


This series of lectures, organized by the Service Center Studium, the Center for Key Qualifications and the university team of the Employment Agency, offers exciting insights into specific career fields, the organization of internships and stays abroad, financial management or on application strategies by experts from the field.

The Department of Business and Economics recommends that its students complete internships during their studies. How to integrate an internship into your studies and further information and tips about internships during your studies can be found here. 

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Student initiatives and alumni

The student councils, student initiatives and communities are an integral part of life and study at the University of Freiburg. They contribute to the liveliness of the university and the department and offer students the opportunity to get involved, demonstrating and encouraging initiative, creativity and organizational skills.

Free Student Council of Economics


Freiburger Wirtschaftswissenschaftler

Founded in 1989, the club of "Freiburger Wirtschaftswissenschaftler e. V." is the alumni association of Freiburg's economists. With approximately 1,200 members, it is one of the largest and oldest faculty-related alumni organizations in Germany.


Market Team Freiburg

Market Team was founded in 1984 as the "Association for the Promotion of Vocational Training" to promote exchange between university, students and business life. With around 1,000 members spread across 19 locations in Germany and an alumni association, the network has now grown to become the largest interdisciplinary student initiative in Germany. Together with renowned companies, the members organize around 300 lectures, excursions and workshops a year in project teams, both at their university and nationally.


TriRhena Consulting e.V.

Since 2009, TriRhena Consulting e.V. has been building bridges between students, universities and business. In its non-profit association, students of all disciplines acquire skills in "finance and law", "presentation techniques", "controlling", "quality management" and many other areas. The aim is to put the theory from their studies into practice. To this end, companies in the region are advised. In 2014, the 105th project was completed. However, students also develop their own concepts, such as "Meet Your Future", which is intended to counteract the local shortage of skilled workers. TriRhena Consulting e.V. is also organized in the Federal Association of Student Business Consultancies Germany (BDSU).