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Welcome to the information pages on studying economics at the University of Freiburg!

Here you will find a lot of useful information about Freiburg, the subjects of economics, the economics degree programs at the Albert Ludwig University, the application and admission modalities, student perspectives and life in Freiburg. If you still have unanswered questions, please get in touch with your contact person.

Why choose Freiburg as a place to study?

The University of Freiburg

The Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, founded in 1457, is one of the oldest German universities and is today one of the leading German universities in teaching and research. In 2007, it was one of nine German universities to receive an award in the Excellence Initiative for the promotion of science and research. Central to this is its future concept "Windows for Research," which creates free space for outstanding scientists to conduct research together. In 2009, it also received an award in the "Excellence in Teaching" competition for its "Windows for Higher Education" concept. This creates free space for the further development of concepts of studying and teaching. It also enables qualified Bachelor students to take an individual year of study across subject boundaries and to broaden their chosen subject studies in an interdisciplinary way.


With about 220,000 inhabitants, Freiburg is the southernmost major city in Germany. Its location between the Jura Mountains, the Vosges Mountains and the Black Forest in the border triangle of Germany - France - Switzerland, the pleasant climate of the warmest city in Germany and the flair of the city make Freiburg and its surroundings one of the most popular destinations in Germany. Freiburg combines tradition and modernity: while it is the lively cultural and economic center of the Black Forest region, it has retained its charming and cozy flair.

The Albert Ludwig University is an integral part of the city, with over 21,000 students in more than 160 study programs. The university center, which also houses the economic sciences, is located in the heart of the city. Together with Freiburg's other universities (the University of Education, the University of Music, the Freiburg University of Graphic Design and Fine Arts, the Protestant University of Applied Sciences and the Catholic University of Applied Sciences), there are a total of nearly 30,000 students in Freiburg, giving the city a young character.

Freiburg itself and its nearby surroundings (Black Forest, Kaiserstuhl, Vosges, Jura) offer a huge selection of leisure and sports facilities, concerts, festivals, cinemas, museums and, of course, a large number of cafés, pubs and discos. Due to its geographical location, Fribourg is a suitable starting point for excursions to France and Switzerland. The excellent food and wines from the region are widely known.

The tradition of Freiburg

The Freiburg School of Economics focuses on the teaching of economics. The work of the economist Walter Eucken and the legal scholars Franz Böhm and Hans Grossman-Doerth in the 1930s and 40s is the origin of the so-called "Freiburg School". It is considered one of the central pioneers of the economic order of the social market economy as it was realized in Germany after World War II. In particular, the role of competition as an instrument to balance economic and political power became a cornerstone of the post-war German order, and the study of the social and economic order required for this became a core element of the "Freiburg School."

In addition, the work of Friedrich August von Hayek, a professor at Freiburg from 1962, is closely linked to the Freiburg tradition. His works deal, among other things, with the foundations of liberal social orders, the functional conditions of market economic orders and the role of competition as a discovery process. In 1974, Hayek was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

Today, Freiburg's economists cover a broad spectrum in teaching and research with a special focus on economics.

What economics degree programs does the University of Freiburg offer?

Bachelor degrees


Master degrees

Continuing education and part-time master's degree programs


Teacher Training Program


Here you will find the range of courses offered by the Freiburg School of Economics. 

Online Study Selection Assistent (OSA)

  • The Online Study Selection Assistant (OSA) for the B.Sc. VWL and for the B.Sc. BWL gives you a realistic preview of the contents, workflows and requirements of the VWL/BWL Bachelor program at the University of Freiburg. The free service also offers interviews with Freiburg students, self-tests on interests and expectations, and sample tasks from the introductory study phase. Individual feedback is designed to help you find out whether the B.Sc. VWL or the B.Sc. BWL at the University of Freiburg is really right for you.
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How do I apply?

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Finances, housing, social affairs and more - Living in Freiburg

Living in Freiburg

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