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Master's programmes' welcome-event for the winter term 23-2

Welcoming, informations and introduction with an overview of the programme's content and structure, planning, tips and offers of service and advice


Central welcome and information event from the teaching counselling for the new M.Ed. students: 


Programme related events on Monday October 16th 2023 :

  • M.Sc. VWL: 12pm-1pm, HS 1134
  • M.Sc BWL: 4pm-6pm, HS 3042  (integrated to the 1st session of the lecture "Non-Profit and Public Sector Marketing Management")
  • M.Ed./M.Ed. Erwf. Wiwi: 6pm-8pm, HS Max-Kade-Auditorium 2 (Old University)  (integrated to the 1st sessione of the lecture "Geschichte der Ökonomik")


Alle events can be found in the course catalogue of each programme in the section "Einführungsveranstaltungen" and in the myUFR-App.

For questions, please contact:

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