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Welcome event for master's degree students WS 22-23

Welcome, information and introduction with an overview of the content and structure of the study program, study planning, tips as well as service and counseling offers.

1. BWL: Mo 17.10.2022 4-6 pm, Max-Kade-Auditorium 2 (Alte Universität) 
(taking place during the first lecture "Non-Profit and Public Sector Marketing Management")

2. VWL: Mo 17.10.2022 10-12 am, R4 Peterhof 

3. M.Ed./MEF WiWi: Mo 17.10.2022 2-4 pm, HS 1132

4. M.Ed. Allg.: Do 13.10.2022, 10-12 am, FACE, additional information:

If you have any questions please contact:


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