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Until 30.09.2022 the following exemption regulation is still valid:

  • § 4b Facilitated deregistration from examinations and free attempt regulation (1) Deviating from the corresponding regulations of the respective examination regulations, a student may deregister from an examination for which he/she is registered even after the registration or deregistration deadline has expired.
  • The withdrawal must be declared in text form no later than two days before the examination.
  • In the case of examinations in attendance form, absence from the examination also counts as deregistration.


A request for an alternative form of examination can be made according to § 4a of the Corona Regulation by following persons:

  • Students who are in quarantine or in domestic isolation.
  • Students who cannot reasonably be expected to take part in an attendance examination - because they belong a recognized risk group, or are caring for relatives in need of care who belong to a risk group
  • pregnant students
  • Students who are abroad and have problems entering the country because of visas

Corresponding applications must be submitted to the Examinations Office by e-mail before the examination date. Please find here the corresponding form:

Application Form of Examination Corona Statute


Examination schedule


Examination schedule summer semester 2022

Please note the changes marked in yellow and blue.

You will also find information about which exams are conducted online. The respective chairs will inform you about the details.

The exam schedule is subject to change - please consider only the version you find here

Examination dates/registration and deregistration


Registration and deregistration period: 13.06.2022 -13.07.2022

Examination period: 01.08.2022 - 03.09.2022

Please print or save your transcript of records after you have registered; it serves as proof of admission.

Information on the room allocation for examinations with several rooms will be published by the respective chair in due time.

Without exception, registration and deregistration are only possible during the mentioned period!



Request for approval of an examination withdrawal due to illness


The application for approval of an examination withdrawal due to illness can be found here.

In this regard, please note the listed instructions in the information sheet! 

Applications that do not comply with these instructions can unfortunately not be recognized as a withdrawal.

You can reach the medical on-call service at 116117.


Important Information:

Please present your identity card as well as your UniCard during the exams!


Exam registrations are only possible on the Internet at the following pages:


B.Sc. VWL (for studies starting before 01.10.2018):

B.Sc. VWL First Semester from WS 18/19, B.Sc. BWL (PNPM), M.Sc. BWL (PNPM), M.Sc. VWL, M.Sc. Economics, M. Ed. Wirtschaftswissenschaft und Polyvalenter Bachelor Wirtschaftswissenschaft:

For minor students (B.A.) the registration periods and registration modalities of the GeKo apply. Please contact the GeKo directly as the responsible contact person in case of problems with exam registrations or similar.


You will find instructions on how to register for exams in HISinOne here.


Please make sure that you take the exams in the correct (specialization) area in HISinOne. To do this, for exams that can also be credited in other areas, you must activate the exam in the corresponding tab of the desired area by clicking on the icon with the two arrows. 


Examination registrations in the non-specialized elective area of psychology


Examinations must be registered by writing to the Psychology Examination Office during the registration periods of the Psychology Examination Office:


Registration for seminars


Registration for seminars is done with a form at the respective chair.

Please contact the chair secretaries.


 Further information and links:


Link to the online map of the institute district

Plan of the institute district


Addresses of rooms not located in KG I, II or III and used for examinations:


HS Anatomie, Albertstr. 17

HS Otto-Krayer-Haus, Albertstr. 25

HS Rundbau, Albertstr. 21

HS Physiolog./Biochemie, Hermann-Herder-Str. 7

Großer Hörsaal Biologie, Schänzlestr.1

Großer Hörsaal Physik, Hermann-Herder-Str. 3a

Max-Kade-Auditorium 1 / 2 (Alte Universität), Bertoldstraße 17

Mensa Intitutsviertel, Stefan-Meier-Straße 28


You can also find all information about rooms via the room search at HISinOne.


Requests for passwords and password changes can only be made via the university's computer center.


Availability during Corona

The office hours of the examination office will take place again. Please inform yourself about the office hours of the respective contact person.

We are also happy to answer your questions by e-mail and telephone.



Recognitions of external achievements at the wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät



Recognitions in case of change of university

Antje Grünholz, Head of Examination Office


Recognition from abroad within the framework of a guest study programs

Steffen Minter, Erasmus Coordinator



Recognitions within the framework of EUCOR

Andrea Göpfert, Examination Office




Information on recognition for college transfer students:


Dear prospective students,

We appreciate your interest in transferring to our university.

In order to start a recognition process we must have the following:

Declaration of recognition with important notes

In addition, please compare in advance the subjects of your previous studies with those from our respective module handbook (to be found under the item "Study programs") and enter your suggestions for recognition in the following form:

Recognition Proposals 

Furthermore, we require a certified transcript of records from your previous university. 


Additional Notes on Recognitions:

  • A change to the study program B. Sc. VWL or B. Sc. BWL (Public And Non Profit Management) is possible, provided that the examination entitlement in an economic subject has not expired. Entry into a higher semester is possible if at least 18 ECTS are recognized by the local subject representatives for foreign achievements.
  • The determination of equivalence is made according to the assessment of the respective subject representatives. Interested students should contact the managing director of the examination office () for general information. If the requirements for a transfer are met, you will receive recognition forms during office hours for submission to the subject representatives. Please bring a certified transcript of records with you.
  • According to §9 para. 8 of the B.Sc.-Rahmenprüfungsordnung (framework examination regulations), a declaration must be submitted that the examination entitlement for a subject in economics or a related subject has not been lost and that there are no ongoing examination proceedings (see above).


Information on recognition within the framework of a guest study program


Students who are planning a stay abroad should obtain information from the coordinators abroad at an early stage. The possibility of recognition of credits should be discussed before the stay abroad. For further information about the recognition procedure, please contact the respective contact person at the International Office for Economics.


Grade conversion for recognitions


The examination boards for economics have determined that grades from other grading systems are converted using the "modified Bavarian formula". For some grading systems, this conversion method can only be used approximately.

x = 1+ (3 x (Nmax - Nd) / (Nmax - Nmin))       

x = grade sought
Nmax = best achievable grade in the foreign grading system
Nmin = worst grade in the foreign grading system that is sufficient to pass the exam
Nd = grade to be transformed into the German grading system

The result is rounded to the nearest grade.
If the result is exactly between 2 German grades, the result is rounded to the better grade.



For students from other EUCOR universities:


Contact point for German students:

For further information: Service-Center Studium
Sedanstr. 6 79098 Freiburg

Office hours:

Mo, Tu, We und Fr from 9 am – 12 pm and Th from 2 pm – 4 pm


Contact point for international students:

Service-Center Studium International Admissions and Services

Sedanstr. 6 79098 Freiburg


Exam registration

Exam registration for EUCOR students takes place via HISinOne:

Instructions on how to register can be found here.


Information for EUCOR students in Basel from Freiburg:
EUCOR students from Freiburg also have to register for the examinations of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the same time as they register at the Student Administration Office. There are no exceptions (also for Freiburg students)!

The voucher and registration procedure runs during the first five weeks of lectures. -> There is no deregistration period !!!

Who does not come to the exam, receives a NE (not appeared) registered.

In case of illness, you can excuse yourself with a medical certificate.

Homepage Basel:

Recognition of examination achievements at the University of Basel

Examinations taken at the University of Basel are recognized with ECTS credits and grades. The recognition of compulsory examinations is the responsibility of the respective subject representative.



General information about the EUCOR study program as well as the required forms can be found on the pages of the Rector's Office at:

Further information is also available on the EUCOR homepage:


Bachelor's thesis

Master's thesis

Examination regulations

B.Sc. Volkswirtschafslehre

B.Sc. Betriebswirtschaftslehre mit Schwerpunkt Public and Non-Profit Management


Polyvalenter Zwei-Hauptfächer Bachelorstudiengang Wirtschaftswissenschaften

B.A. Nebenfach Volkswirtschaftslehre/Betriebswirtschaftslehre

M.Sc. Volkswirtschaftslehre

M.Sc. Betriebswirtschaftslehre mit Schwerpunkt Public and Non-Profit Management


M.Ed. Wirtschaftswisenschaften

M.Ed. Erweiterungsfach Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Zulassungs- und Immatrikulationsordnung (ZImmO)